Sunday, 16 October 2011

Unpacking in Batu Feringgi

We spent another night in Georgetown and then headed for a guesthouse in the suburbs, in the beach community of Batu Ferringi.   I had been in contact with an Australian family living in Penang who host a great family travel website and they had given me the name of a guesthouse a few doors down from them.  We stayed for two nights with a very friendly Malaysian family and we also got to know the Australian folks who have been incredibly helpful in many ways. 

A combination of factors led us to decide to extend our stay in Penang.  The flooding situation in the direction we had intended to travel was remaining unpredictable and to go in the opposite direction, to Indonesia, would mean that we would be travelling there just as their Monsoon season was starting.  The boys were also getting really weary of frequent hotel changes, they wanted to unpack and to have a little space of their own....

The Aussie family helped us find a super apartment and helped us set up a good deal on a car rental so here we are hanging out in Penang until the end of November when we will fly to Hanoi, Vietnam. 

We have already had a few small world encounters during our trip.  When we were on the beach in Koh Phanang we met a Canadian who is living in Laos. He asked us if we might happen to know his dad who lives in Victoria…yup, Rob knows him quite well and had heard all about the son, who we were chatting with on the beach.  We are looking forward to connecting with him again when we get to Luang Prabang.  The other small world encounter happened here at the place we are staying.  As we were crossing the street after having first looked at the place, we ran into a French/British family with whom we had spent time in Koh Phanang.  They were staying here as well.  The boys have had a great time doing things with their son, Kes.  We have all enjoyed some lovely meals together and getting to know each other.  The kids have even had a chance to practice a little French.  They moved on to Bornea a few days ago and we will miss them but hope to see them again some where some day.

The kids have certainly enjoyed their daily PE classes.
The view from our home for a month in Batu Ferggini
Sandrine, Kes, Dominique & Kate.  Our new friends from Paris. 

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