Monday, 5 March 2012

Singapore, Sleek and Slick

We took a very painless flight from Chiang Mai to Singapore where we spent three days enjoying the cleanest and most efficient city we have visited since leaving Canada.  Everything in Singapore seems to run without a hitch.  The high standard of living is clearly evident with uber expensive vehicles and boutiques being commonplace and shopping reportedly being the most popular pastime of Singaporeans.  High standards do, however, come with price tags and it was a bit of a shock to go from paying 50 cents a beer to being asked to fork out close to $10 for one. 

There are not a ton of specific cultural sites in Singapore but that worked for us as we have to admit we are getting a little “sited” out.  We enjoyed strolling in China town, Little India, the Civic district, Orchard Road, Clarkes Quay and Marina Bay.  For us Singapore was really a place to soak up the big city atmosphere, people watch in a clean and comfortable environment and perhaps most importantly, get a little taste of “America” with a visit to Sentosa Island and Universal Studios.  

Meet Singapore's Merlion, half lion half mermaid....

Universal Studios was almost exactly like the one in California.

The boys must have gone on the roller coaster at least 10 times.  It was apparently the best coaster ever!

It may have been the lack of beer as we were too cheap to indulge or maybe it was the fact that we didn’t really enjoy all being crammed into a shoebox of a room in a hostel with no windows and paying out the nose for it but whatever it was, as cool as Singapore is, we were glad our time there wasn’t longer.  We were happy to board yet another Air Asia flight and to be whisked off to Indonesia, next stop, Bali.....

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