Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bangkok to Bangsaphan

 There is an overwhelming number of things to do in Bangkok but we were eager to spend time somewhere quieter and we were looking forward to the beach.  (China was pretty intense.) September is the rainy season in Thailand and so we had to be careful in terms of choosing where we wanted to go.  We decided to head to the South East Coast, to Koh Samui and Koh Phanang, two of the many beautiful islands that Thailand is famous for.     To break up the trip we decided to first venture to what looked like a pretty nice place along the way.  A five hour bus trip got us to Bangsaphan, a small Thai village with a mediocre beach that seemed to be pretty much off the tourist trail.  Our internet research led us to a lovely little resort catering to French visitors.  Although we knew we were on our way to better beaches, it was a wonderful place to stop.  It was super quiet and we could not help but start to relax.  Looking out of our window at a field littered with oxen, palm and banana trees in one direction and the ocean in another was not such a bad thing.

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