Friday, 16 September 2011

The Grand Palace

Next on the agenda in Bangkok was the Grand Palace. Although it wasn’t too far from our hotel, we decided to leave walking in the heat for when we got to the Palace.  We took our first tuk tuk ride and managed to get to the gates more refreshed than had we walked.  Rob and I had known that there was a dress code and we had to cover our legs but we didn’t know that Fearon would have to as well.  He had to borrow pants that they have there for people who, like us come unprepared.  He looked particularly charming in the balloon style chinos and Lil Wayne T.

The Palace was amazing.   It is another one of those things that pictures do not do justice to.  The intricacies of every single nook and cranny were stunning.  Gold, emerald, jade, and likely numerous other coveted substances make up the many temples, royal residences, throne halls and art work that are beautifully on display throughout the grounds.  In spite of the penetrating heat, Rob, Fearon and I were enthralled by what we saw.  Eric, on the other hand, was a bit grumpy and he was glad when we took refuge in a shop across the street to take time out for a strawberry smoothy while waiting to see the Princess exit the Gates.  After the Palace, we were all pretty pooped so we decided to just go back to the hotel, have a swim and get a little school work done.

We saw some interesting things in Bangkok, any thoughts on this one?

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