Monday, 5 September 2011

Beijing - Day 2

On day two, after a dip in the hotel pool, with a bit of trepidation, we decided on the Beijing Zoo and aquarium, in hindsight not the best decision.  We knew the rest of the week in China would be filled with what could be perceived as relatively non kid friendly activities and so we thought that the zoo and aquarium might help to balance things out.  We didn’t end up staying very long as we found it relatively unimpressive and although it was a treat to see the Pandas, it didn’t look to us as though they were having such a great life.  Zoos can be a fantastic way to see creatures one would never possibly see in the wild but they can also be a bit depressing and sad to say, we thought this one was the latter. We left the zoo and took a river boat to “The Summer Palace”, another remnant of the dynasties.   The grounds, the settings and the remains of the palace were stunning and I was sorry we hadn’t gotten there earlier to spend more time.  Rob had to get back to the hotel and leave for the race site where he would be spending the week taking care of Canadian triathletes at the world championships.

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